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Everything that is right.
Arguing is a human nature, but resolving a dispute depends on the right lawyer. We clarify and solve matters in advance and consider risks and opportunities. Whether in litigation in the courtroom, in arbitration proceedings at the negotiating table, or in alternative dispute resolution procedures as a mediator through litigation or out-of-court settlements – with our years of experience in civil and commercial law, we always find individual conflict solutions and lead the process until our clients are satisfied. By all conscience.

Our key aspects in litigation:

▪︎ Enforcement of all our clients' interests in court and as a mediator in early conflict resolution
▪︎ Representation before tax authorities and fiscal courts
▪︎ Complex legal disputes in labor, commercial and corporate law matters with extensive facts, in particular actions for rescission under corporate law and shareholder disputes
▪︎ Conducting and coordinating pan-European legal disputes up to the enforcement of national and international judgments

Civil Law

Let’s get personal.
Whether legal or natural persons - we submerge deeply into civil and private law and represent companies as well as private individuals in all civil law matters and disputes. This applies in particular to the drafting of contracts, liability and damage processes as well as the clarification of ownership and property relationships, up to the collection of all related claims until our clients get their privileges.

The civil law areas of our law firm:

▪︎ All types of legal transactions
▪︎ Obligations
▪︎ Drafting of contracts
▪︎ Liability processes
▪︎ Damage Compensation Proceedings
▪︎ Ownership and property relations
▪︎ Publisher claims

Labour Law

Well positioned.
Our current professional world changes almost daily. Labor law is also subject to constant change. This makes it very important to have a legal partner at your side with whom you can solve all labor law problems together – efficiently, result-oriented and successfully. We represent you in all processes, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, employer or employee, as we are well prepared and European wide positioned for all cases.

Our labor law expertise:

▪︎ Drafting and reviewing employment and service contracts
▪︎ Drafting and reviewing contracts for managing directors and board members
▪︎ Design of employee participation schemes
▪︎ Drafting of commercial agency contracts
▪︎ Termination of employment, service and commercial agency contracts
▪︎ Protection against unfair dismissal
▪︎ Termination in case of severe disability
▪︎ Severance pay in case of job loss
▪︎ Compensation claims of commercial agents
▪︎ Negotiation and drafting of termination and settlement agreements
▪︎ Warning notice / termination
▪︎ Maternity protection / parental leave
▪︎ Legal representation in proceedings for protection against dismissal before all labor courts

Inheritance law

When inheritances are pending, disputes are not far behind. Normally the succession needs to be settled, but the reality is obviously different: The inheritance dispute is inevitable. In this case, you are exactly right with us, as we totally stand behind you and fight for your rights when it comes to settling legacies. Whether it is the preparation of a will, the enforcement or contestation, the advantages and disadvantages of the Berlin testament, the drafting of an inheritance contract, or the application for the certificate of inheritance as well as the calculation of the compulsory portion, the rejection of the inheritance or the dissolution of communities of heirs. Our law firm's services cover the entire spectrum of heritage planning until we have found the best solution for our clients and the legacy is settled.

Our legal areas in inheritance law:

▪︎ Last Will
▪︎ Community of heirs & legal succession
▪︎ Claims to a compulsory portion
▪︎ Inheritance tax & certificate of inheritance
▪︎ Inheritance contract
▪︎ Regulation of business succession

Corporate Law

In best company.
If you are looking for a corporate law attorney, then you have found the best and most loyal team and attorney with us. Whether it is a question of establishing a company, a sale, a dispute or even the termination of a company, we first analyze the situation down to the smallest detail, before we handle your matter. As your strategic partner and individual advisor, we take care of transformations, mergers and demergers and in case of a shareholder dispute; we represent you in out-of-court conflict resolution as well as in court. It is good that our advice covers the Ltd., GmbH, UG, GbR, KG and the AG, so all forms of company setups. At the end of the day, you are backed up with the best company.

We are professionals in these legal areas of corporate law:

▪︎ Partnership agreements for all German and European company forms
▪︎ Advice on the choice of legal form
▪︎ Holding of – and participation in shareholders’ meetings
▪︎ Resolution
▪︎ Resolving and appealing procedures
▪︎ Shareholder dispute and exclusion of shareholders
▪︎ Redemption or sale of company shares
▪︎ Appointment and dismissal of managing directors
▪︎ Transformations, mergers, divisions and changes of legal form
▪︎ Foundations, mergers and liquidations
▪︎ Company acquisitions and transactions
▪︎ Cooperation models and contracts
▪︎ Financing, investment and trust models
▪︎ Joint ventures
▪︎ Restructuring and reorganization

Real estate law

You can count on us – we built your future together.
Form follows function - our legal advice follows your business model. Tenancy, residential property and real estate law have their own principles. We know them all and ensure clear relationships. We always have one goal in mind: to enforce the rights of our clients. This applies equally to landlord’s, tenants, property managers, apartment owners' associations and also to existing and prospective owners of real estate when it comes to advising and representing them in commercial, residential property and residential rental law also in the context of sale, purchase and administration as well as in the area of civil construction law to advise and represent. This is enough reason to count on us.

We advise and represent you in these areas of real estate law:

▪︎ Commercial tenancy law
▪︎ Private rental law
▪︎ Drafting and reviewing of lease contracts
▪︎ Termination, warnings and other contractual disruptions
▪︎ Eviction actions and enforcement of eviction titles
▪︎ Judicial and extrajudicial assertion of rent arrears
▪︎ Rent increases
▪︎ Condominium law
▪︎ Actions for annulment
▪︎ Support and representation at owners' meetings
▪︎ Advising condominium owners' associations
▪︎ Housing benefit actions
▪︎ Drafting and reviewing sales contracts
▪︎ Construction work contracts

Criminal Law

Attack is the best defense.
It does not matter what your problem is, we will enforce your rights in any case and in front of every instance. If we take over your defense, we give everything until we have fought your case in court. Only when our clients are completely satisfied and we have achieved the best for you, we have reached our goal. It is clear that we will do everything until you get what you want and deserve. After all, you have the right for the best defense.

As criminal defense lawyers, we represent you in the following areas of law:

▪︎ Adhesion proceedings
▪︎ Indictment, appeal, probation and revocation of probation
▪︎ Appointment
▪︎ Fine and pre-trial proceedings
▪︎ Liability
▪︎ Custodial matters
▪︎ Criminal insolvency law
▪︎ Capital criminal law
▪︎ Administrative offences
▪︎ Public Defense
▪︎ Revision
▪︎ Penalty orders and execution of sentences
▪︎ Victim-offender mediation
▪︎ Pre-trial detention
▪︎ Commercial criminal law
▪︎ Witness assistance

Tax law

The best conditions.
Tax law is constantly changing, so it is just right that we are at your side as experts for figure-based solutions in all areas of tax law. We are your personal legal advisor and represent you in all disputes with tax offices and in front of tax courts, as well as in criminal proceedings of the tax investigation and the public prosecutor's office, but also in front of all investigative authorities in criminal tax matters.
If you also allow us to advise you on questions of non-profit status in the tax law sense and international tax incidents, you have reached out to the correct partner, as we have the best credentials to represent you in tax law matters.

We are your lawyer for:

▪︎ Income tax
▪︎ Corporate tax
▪︎ Trade tax
▪︎ Turnover tax and wage tax
▪︎ Fiscal code and fiscal court rules
▪︎ Value added tax
▪︎ Inheritance tax
▪︎ Criminal tax law
▪︎ Valuation right
▪︎ International tax law

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