We are only satisfied with the highest level of excellence when our clients are.
Whether long-term or short-term, we will fight until you get justice.
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Good relationships are only as good as the equivalent of people forming them.
Looking for new challenges and partners, we can proudly release highly motivated and well educated contacts in Germany and all over Europe.
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Because we want to exceed your expectations, we do everything to achieve this.
Our law firm is based on trust, individuality and competence. We like to go one step further than our legal work and bring in our figure – based expertise in controlling and financial management as an add on for our clients.
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When disputes can no longer be resolved in court, our chancellery offers tailor-made conflict solutions. As a specialist in early dispute resolution, our first priority is an early agreement between both parties without a long process. Contact our Services
Our Goal

As an innovative law firm, we strive to build long-term relationships with clients based on mutuality, trust and the highest standards of professional ethics.

Attorney at Law

Sascha Dujmovic

The only measure of our success is concrete results and the satisfaction of our clients.


The Law Firm

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Arguing is a human nature. Resolving a dispute depends on the right lawyer. We clarify matters in advance and consider risks and opportunities.

Civil Law

Whether legal or natural persons - we delve deeply into civil and private law and represent companies as well as private individuals in all civil law matters and disputes.

Labour Law

Our current professional world changes almost daily. Labor law is also subject to constant change. This makes it very important to have a legal partner at your side ...

Inheritance law

When inheritances are pending, disputes are not far behind. Normally the succession needs to be settled but the reality is usually different: the inheritance dispute is inevitable.

Corporate Law

If you are looking for a corporate law attorney, you are in good company with us. Whether it is a question of establishing a company, a sale, a dispute or even the termination of a company ...

Real estate law

Form follows function - our legal advice follows your business model. Tenancy, residential property and real estate law have their own principles.

Criminal Law

It doesn’t matter what your legal problem is, we will enforce your rights in any case and before every instance. Because if we represent you before the law, we give everything until we have fought your case in court.

Tax law

Tax law is constantly changing. So it is just right that we are at your side as experts for number-based solutions in all areas of tax law. We are your personal legal advisor and represent you in all disputes with tax ...

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